Tom Whalen, Sr.  is the Owner/Operator of Tom’s Hood Cleaning LLC established in 2020. Prior to starting the business he worked at a highly respected hood cleaning company to learn the business firsthand from a company already doing it right. He worked his way up the ranks fast and soaked in as much as possible about the operations end of the business. Prior to that, Tom was in the culinary arts field, with an associate degree from Bunker Hill Community College in Culinary Arts! While attending Bunker Hill, he worked for Legal Seafoods, working his way up from fry cook to chef. That is where he first learned about the importance of hood cleaning. With entrepreneurial goals and no way of starting a restaurant, it was a conversation with a tech cleaning the hood where the idea came to him.

In 2020 it was just Tom, a used van, a pressure washer, a few hand tools, and a ton of hard work. Through hard work and happy customers, we are proud to say in 2023 we employ eight full-time workers, own three full-service cleaning vans and a maintenance truck. We also have two brothers, one sister and one cousin working here, so we are very proud to say we are a true family-run business!